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Everything you need to know about the service vouchers!

How to register to the service voucher system ? First of all, you need to register at Sodexo to order service vouchers

Sodexo is the company that manages the registration and dispatching of service vouchers. You can register online directly via the form or by completing the following paper: Service Voucher registration form.

Your housekeeper does not work via the service voucher system?

Thanks to the service voucher system, your housekeeper will benefit from a comprehensive worker status with social security as well as all the benefits related to an employment contract.

We are at your disposal to find a solution so that you can benefit from the service vouchers while keeping your housekeeper!

Maternity aid program

You are a self-employed mother and wish to resume your professional work after childbirth. You may benefit from 105 service vouchers provided by social health insurance plans.

You will not have access to these vouchers automatically but will need to contact your social health insurance company.

You may ask for service vouchers

Your demands needs to be introduced at your social health insurance company. Only demands filed within the above mentioned periods will be taken into account.

The certificates and forms are available at your social health insurance company who will introduce the demand with Sodexo.

This measure has been taken in the context of “a better conciliation between private and professional life of the self-employed women”.