General conditions


1. Purpose of the contract

The purpose of these general conditions is to lay down the contractual provisions between, on the one hand, the private limited liability company (SPRL) "AB CLEAN" and/or "ALL TEAM SERVICES", two companies each with their registered office at Avenue Louise 526, 1050 Brussels, and respectively registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under numbers 0889.955.204 and 0894.524.496 (Register of Legal Entities Brussels) (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and, on the other hand, the customer (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

The reservation of a home help through the site (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") implies the unconditional acceptance by the User of the present conditions of sale.

The Company reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any time. In such cases, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the User.

Only persons aged 18 years old or above can make a reservation, on the Site or via the conventional manner.

2. Context

The present general conditions are laid down in the context of the use of service cheques as a means of payment by the User for the provision of home help of a domestic nature by the Company, the reservation of a home help as well as the solicitation of one of the ironing centres.

The Company shall make every effort to make available to Users, for the long-term, a trustworthy, competent and dynamic home help (hereinafter the "Employee"), who meets the needs of Users, and to offer Users the guarantee of the Company's professionalism in all circumstances.

Pursuant to the Law of 20 July 2001 on promoting the development of local services and jobs, and the Decree of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region amending the Royal Decree of 12 December 2001 on service cheques, the home help may not have a blood or marriage relationship up to and including the second degree with the User or a member of the User's family, nor have the same residence as the User. If the Employee proves to have such family ties with the User, the latter undertakes to notify the Company as soon as possible, under penalty of termination of the contract, automatically and without compensation, by the Company.

The Company is an authorised company within the meaning of the above-mentioned law.

3. Right of withdrawal

Under Article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law, the Consumer (any natural person who acquires or uses, for purposes excluding any professional nature, the products placed on the market, as specified in Article 1 of the Code of Economic Law) has the right to withdraw from the present contract, without giving any reason, for a period of fourteen days. 

The right of withdrawal provided for in the present article only applies if the agreement is concluded remotely with commitment (via the Site, by telephone, etc.). As such, the right of withdrawal does not apply in the event of a reservation for a home help or a solicitation to the ironing centre without remote commitment, or with direct commitment at one of our offices.

The right of withdrawal expires 14 days after the day on which the confirmation of the reservation is given, provided that the first date of provision of the services occurs after the above-mentioned 14 days.

In effect, the right of withdrawal will not apply in cases where the Consumer has expressly given their consent to reserve a home help or a service of the Company within 14 legal days of withdrawal, and has therefore acknowledged and accepted having lost their right of withdrawal.

To exercise their right of withdrawal, the Consumer must notify their decision to withdraw from the present contract via unambiguous notification (for example, letter sent by post or e-mail to the following address:

The Consumer may use the template withdrawal form inbut this is not obligatory.

For the withdrawal period to be respected, it is sufficient to send the notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of the withdrawal period (14 days from the confirmation of the reservation).

The present article is not applicable to Users who are not "consumers" within the meaning of the Code of Economic Law.

4. Authorised services and work

The Company offers the following services and work:

- Domestic cleaning by home helps

- Shopping (within a radius of maximum 5 km around the User's house. "Shopping" refers to the daily needs of the User, and does not include, for example, the purchase of furniture, household appliances, audio/video equipment, newspapers and magazines)

- Cooking (the preparation of meals for private consumption)

- Washing

- Ironing of personal clothing and household linen

By subscribing to one of the services of the Company, the User is prohibited from soliciting the intervention of the Employee of the Company, or using them, to carry out activities other than the above-mentioned activities. In general, the User undertakes not to make the Employee carry out any other activity than that provided for by the legislation on service cheques (Article 1 of the Royal Decree of 12 December 2001 on service cheques. Belgian Official Journal of 22 December 2001).

The User therefore undertakes never to request the Employee to carry out activities outside the field of home help of a private, domestic nature, such as repairs, works, renovations, upholstering and painting, garden maintenance, care for children, the elderly or sick people, looking after pets, vehicle cleaning, upkeep of professional premises, shared areas in apartment buildings, etc. Also excluded are services for Users staying in collective residences, including services such as personal assistance and catering, if these Users are not specifically authorised to use service cheques for activities justified for their private area.

The User also declares having been informed that it is strictly prohibited to offer gifts or make donations to the Employee of the Company. As such, if the User offers any such items on their own initiative, they do so at their own risk, without the Company being implicated in this respect.

In addition, the User is obliged to ensure that the services requested are in line with those of a morally conscientious person, and consequently do not cause work pressure that could have harmful consequences for the health and safety of the Employee.

The User may not demand services from the Employee of less than 3 hours or more than 9 hours per day. Employee services are not authorised on Sundays and bank holidays.

5. Geographical zone

Given the services offered by the Company, it reserves the right not to organise a reservation request or solicitation from a User residing in a geographical zone which is not served by the Company.

The company reserves the right to request a contribution from the User to finance part of the transport costs of his Employees.

6. Provision of equipment

By soliciting the intervention of a home help, the User assures the Company that the equipment required for the proper performance of the services will be made available to the Employee. As such, the User undertakes to guarantee the good working order of the resources and equipment they make available, as any normally conscientious person would do.

7. Safety and hygiene

In no event shall the User have the Employee perform tasks that could prove dangerous, unhealthy or unsuitable, including, for example, cleaning work outdoors in the event of rain, snow, extreme cold or heat, the use of unlabelled products, moving furniture or objects that are too heavy, etc. Moreover, the User is informed that cellars, attics and work at height (for example, the worker may not climb on a ladder with more than three steps) may present a hazard.

However, if during the course of their work, the Employee is potentially confronted with possible hazards, they must be informed of such by the User, who will indicate these possible hazards to the Employee before the latter starts their activities. In addition, the Employee may not be forced to use solvents or unlabelled products.

Moreover, the User undertakes to ensure that the Employee works under hygienic conditions. If unhygienic situations occur on multiple occasions, the help may be terminated. Consequently, the User must allow the Employee to visit the premises before starting their services, to confirm the working conditions and hygiene of the premises.

The Employee is authorised to use the sanitary facilities of the User (toilets, sink).

For the proper provision of the services, the Company may request certain information from the User regarding the environment and the hygiene of the premises, such as the presence or not of domestic animals, allergens in the air, etc. In addition, the User undertakes to spontaneously notify the Company and the Employee in the event of an outbreak of contagious diseases which may present a contamination hazard for the Employee, such as influenza, rubella, chicken pox, mononucleosis, meningitis, viral hepatitis, etc.

The User, with due care and diligence, undertakes to always employ the Employee in safe working conditions. All hazardous situations must be alerted to the Employee and the Company including, for example, a loose socket outlet, a chandelier which is likely to fall, bare electrical cables, etc.

In the event of excessive hazards, the Company may decide to terminate the provision of home help, which will imply termination of the contract, automatically and without compensation. In the event of imminent danger, the Employee has the right to leave the premises. The User, with due care and diligence, shall ensure that a first aid kit is always at the Employee's disposal.

8. Payment

For each hour of service begun, the User shall provide the Employee with one service cheque, ordered in advance from Sodexo, signed and dated by the former, no later than the end of the Employee's performed work. The Employee must have signed the service cheque. A service cheque whose date has expired will not be accepted.

A service cheque can only be used to compensate for hours worked. Under no circumstances may non-worked hours be remunerated with service cheques.

The User undertakes to systematically be in possession of the quantity of service cheques corresponding to the number of hours worked by the Employee. However, if for whatever reason, the User is unable to provide the service cheques on time, they undertake to provide the due service cheques within 7 calendar days.

In the event of failure to provide the due service cheques within 30 days of the date of service, the sums due will automatically and without formal notice incur late payment interest at the statutory rate of 1% per commenced month, increased by a flat-rate of 10% (with a minimum of €25). If the Company does not receive any news from the User regarding its requests for settlement, the file will be transmitted to a recovery office. In the event of late payment, the Company also reserves the right to terminate all services at the User's premises, and in the event of a protracted dispute, the Company reserves the right to bring the losses before the competent Commercial Court.

If the User wishes to work with the electronic service cheques system, they must inform the Company in advance. At all times, the User of electronic service cheques undertakes to have sufficient credit on their account to pay for the services on the day they are performed by the Employee. To this end, the User must provide the Employee with a telephone whereby the latter can call the freephone number 0800/355 30 or the number 02 547 54 97 (telephone operator's rate) in order to notify of their work performed. The User must validate these services the same day via their User account. The Employee may also enter their services via the "jobtracker by Sodexo" application (if they have a smartphone). Users can monitor the work performed by their home help via the "service cheques by Sodexo" application using their smartphone, or via the secure site of Sodexo.

The invoices issued by the Company are payable immediately. In the absence of payment upon receipt of the invoice, the invoiced amount will automatically be increased by 6% interest per annum, without prior notice of default. In addition, a fixed indemnity of 10% will be automatically due, with a minimum of €100.

All invoices drawn up by the Company are considered as being definitively accepted by the User if they are not disputed within 8 days of receipt, by registered letter.

9. Non-discrimination

The Company offers its Users a high-quality service, reflected in particular by respect for religious, ideological and philosophical freedom and, in general, the privacy of its Users and Employees. As such, the Company will not make any distinction vis-à-vis the latter on the basis of race, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, philosophical or religious convictions, in the context of the provision of services (Law of 25 February 2003 aimed at combating discrimination and amending the Law of 15 February 1993 establishing a centre for equal opportunities and the fight against racism).

10. Absence of the Employee

The Company shall ensure that the work is performed correctly by competent workers, in accordance with the agreed schedule.

In the event of unforeseen impediments affecting the Employee (due to illness, circumstances, or force majeure), the Company shall replace the Employee within 24 hours, to the extent that the service is available.

In the event of impediment, the Company reserves the right to make changes to the working hours and/or date. The Company will inform the User as soon as possible if these changes to the service will occur, and will try, to the extent possible, to take the availability of the User into account.

The Company may also organise a replacement for the absent Employee if the User so wishes. However this cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, if there is a replacement, there may also be changes to the working hours and/or date.

If the User's telephone number changes, the Company must be informed as soon as possible, to allow them to contact the User for a change in the work schedule.

11. Absence of the User

The User undertakes to communicate as quickly as possible, at least 14 days in advance, any unplanned adaptations to the work schedule, such as moving house or any holiday periods.

If the User does not wish to receive home help for one or more consecutive weeks, they must notify the Company at least 72 hours in advance by email at the following address:, via the website (contact – absences and holidays) or by regular mail.

In the event that the Employee is unable to perform the scheduled tasks due to unforeseen negligence or absence (except in cases of force majeure) which are not communicated by the User to the Company in accordance with the terms described in the present article, the Company is entitled to demand the equivalent amount for the hours usually worked.

12. Changes to the work schedule

The User may terminate the contract or reduce the number of contractual hours, subject to a notice period of 4 weeks, during which periods of leave are ruled out. The request for termination must be sent by registered letter or e-mail, and the notice period shall commence on the fifth calendar day after the date of dispatch.

If the notice period is not adhered to, compensation shall be payable. This compensation is calculated according to the number of working hours scheduled during the subsequent 4 weeks during which periods of leave are ruled out, multiplied by the hourly rate which applies in accordance with the legislation on service cheques.

13. Loss and theft

Although the Company makes every effort to ensure that the User is provided with competent Employees to ensure high-quality service, the User must always exercise the necessary caution as regards money and valuables left at the premises. If there is suspicion of theft, the User must always alert the Company. In the event of theft, the User must immediately report it to the police, who will draw up an official report. However, if the User wants the Employee to keep the keys to the premises, they must authorise this in writing (the Company shall keep the copy). In no event can the Company be held liable if the User gives a copy of these keys to the Employee. Moreover, the Company cannot be held liable in the event of proven theft on the part of the Employee, only the latter can be prosecuted in this case.

14. Losses and insurance

The Employees of the Company are regularly instructed through internal and external training, and the Company takes care to provide Users with qualified personnel, who perform their tasks with the utmost care. Nevertheless, losses cannot be ruled out. In the event that a User identifies damage during or following performed work, they are required to carefully fill out this form, within 24 hours of identifying the damage, under penalty of this damage not being taken into consideration. The insurance company will assess whether the home help is liable in the event of losses.

In case of material damage, the User must immediately notify the Company. However, in order to avoid any abuse, minor damage such as broken dishes or small trinkets will not be insured. The Company declines all responsibility for any damage caused by the normal wear and tear of cleaning utensils. For more significant damage, a file will be sent to the insurance company.

After analysing your file, if the claim is accepted by the insurance company, the damage will be repaired on presentation of the invoice for purchase or repair of the damaged object/material, taking into account the age of the object, and, in general, its value at the time of the damage.

In no event can the Company be held liable for the consequences of errors, mistakes or omissions made by the User in communicating information and/or instructions regarding the proper performance of the tasks.

In the context of insurance for workplace accidents, the Company is liable for the compensation legally due in the event that the Employee is the victim of an accident at work or an accident on the way to work.

15. Processing of personal data

The Company respects the privacy of its Users, Employees and all persons for whom they are required to hold personal data.

The way in which the Company collects and uses personal data is governed by Belgian legislation, specifically by (i) European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation - "GDPR") which entered into force on 25 May 2018 and partially repeals the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data hitherto in force and (ii) (future) Belgian legislation pertaining to the implementation of the above-mentioned Regulation. The Company confirms that any processing of the personal data of Users and of any person concerned in general complies with the above-mentioned Regulation.

As such, by subscribing to our services, the following personal data may be collected:

- Last name

- First name

- Domicile address

- Email address

- Telephone number (landline/GSM)

- Sodexo number

- All other personal data voluntarily provided to the Company (in particular in the free fields on contact forms/application forms to a job offer or during correspondence with the Company)

The latter are necessary for the purposes of processing.

The processing of these personal data is based on

- the legitimate interest of the Company

- a legal obligation and/or the implementation of any contract concluded with the User or the Employee and/or any commitment made by the User, the Employee or the Company

- or on the consent of the User or the Employee.

In the latter case, your consent will be explicitly requested prior to the processing of the desired personal data.

The Company will not disclose personal data to third parties, except where necessary in the context of the provision and improvement of services (including, but not limited to, drawing up an invoice, satisfaction surveys for internal statistical purposes, etc.). In this context, your personal data may be made public to payment partners, software suppliers, cloud partners, transport partners, external IT consultants, insurance companies, service providers and any other business partners which the Company may solicit in the context of providing their services.

However, if the Company is required to disclose personal data to third parties in this context, the third party in question shall be obliged to use such personal data in accordance with the obligations imposed by the GDPR.

The Company also collects anonymous information (total number of visits to the site, number of visitors to each page of the site, domain names of the ISPs of visitors, IP addresses, cookies, etc.).

16. General provisions

The Employee is not allowed to smoke during their work. They may not use their telephone during their work, unless it is necessary for the service. In such cases, they are authorised to use the telephone of the User. However, in exceptional cases agreed with the User, the Employee is authorised to use their telephone for private purposes. Under no circumstances can the Employee come to work with their child(ren) or animal(s). The Employee will only keep the key to the User's home if the User gives written authorisation and has notified the Company.

17. Dispute settlement

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing between the parties, disputes relating to the validity, interpretation or implementation of the present conditions shall be brought before the competent courts of the judicial district of Brussels. Disputes arising from or in relation with the contract shall be governed by Belgian law.

Conditions of Use of the AB CLEAN AND ALL TEAM SERVICES Website


Article 1: OBJECT

The object of these "general conditions of use" is to provide a legal framework for the terms and conditions for the provision of the AB CLEAN and ALL TEAM SERVICES website,  , hereinafter referred to as the "Website", and its use by the "User".

The general conditions of use must be accepted by any User wishing to access the Website. Access to the Website by the User implies their acceptance of these general conditions of use.

- If the general conditions of use stipulated in the present contract are not accepted, the User must waive access to the services offered by the Website.

- The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the content of the present general conditions of use at any time.

- If one of the provisions of the present Conditions of Use is unenforceable or in breach of a mandatory legal provision, this unenforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

- The present conditions are specific conditions which only pertain to the use of the Website, and they must be supplemented by the general conditions as well as the Privacy policy of the Company which remain fully applicable to the legal relationship between the Company and the Users of the Website.


The AB CLEAN and ALL TEAM SERVICES Website is operated by AB CLEAN SPRL and ALL TEAM SERVICES (hereinafter "the Company"), each having its registered office at Avenue Louise 526, 1050 Brussels, and registered respectively with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0889.955.204 and 0894.524.496, Register of Legal Entities Brussels. By accessing and using the Website, you agree to the present conditions of use (hereinafter the "Conditions of Use") unconditionally, and you undertake to comply with them.


The purpose of the present clause is to lay down the various essential terms of the contract:

- Users: this term designates any person who uses the Website, or one of the services proposed by the Website.

- User content: these are the data transmitted by the User to the Website.

- Member: the User becomes a member when they are identified on the Website.

- Log-in and password: this is the various information required to identify a User on the Website. The log-in and password allow the User to access the services reserved for members of the Website. The password is confidential.

Article 4: Access

The site allows the User free access to the following services:

- The presentation of home cleaning services and ironing centres offered by the Company;

- An explanation and referral to the paper forms and online registration link for Sodexo registrations, in order to order service cheques

- To reserve a home help

- To apply for a job online

- To contact the Company via the contact form

- To manage a professional account (home help)

- To manage a personal account

- To declare absences/holidays

- To manage losses.

The Website is accessible for free from all locations and for all Users with internet access. All costs incurred by the User to access the service (hardware, software, Internet connection, etc.) are at their expense.

The Company shall make every effort to ensure, to the extent possible, access to the Website.

However, this access may be interrupted, in particular for maintenance and updates, in the event of breakdowns or other technical reasons.

The Company therefore declines all responsibility in the event of breakdowns, interruptions or errors occurring on the Website, and also for the consequences which may arise for the User or third parties.


The Website, including the texts, structure, layout, graphic components, presentation, logos, software and all other possible elements contained in the Website, are protected by the intellectual property rights of the Company, its possible suppliers or partners. These intellectual property rights include, but are not limited to, copyright, related rights, database-related rights and trademark rights.

Other product or company names indicated on the Website may be trademarks of their respective owners. Without the prior written authorisation of the beneficiary or the Company, it is prohibited for the User to modify, copy, distribute, communicate, translate, disseminate, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell the information, software, products or services obtained on these sites. It is also prohibited to create derivative works of the above-mentioned elements.

Article 6: Responsibility and FORCE MAJEURE

The sources of information, products and services presented on the Website are deemed to be reliable. However, the Company does not give any guarantee as to the accuracy or up-to-date nature of the information provided on the Website. The information provided on the Website is purely for information purposes. As such, the User alone assumes full responsibility for the use of the information and content of the present Website.

The User shall ensure that they keep their password secret. Any disclosure of the password, in whatever form, is prohibited.

Any use of the service by the User that directly or indirectly results in damage shall be the subject of compensation for the Website.

Optimal security and confidentiality of the data transmitted is not guaranteed by the Website. However, the Website undertakes to implement all necessary resources to guarantee security and confidentiality of data as much as possible.

The Website cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and unavoidable acts of third parties. Consequently, the Company cannot be held liable for the non-performance of contracts concluded thanks to access to its Website, or for the unavailability of a home help or cases of force majeure.

The User therefore undertakes not to claim any compensation following the interruption, suspension or modification of the present terms of use.

Article 7: Hyperlinks

The websites to which users of the Website may be transferred via hyperlinks remain the sole responsibility of the owners of these sites.

The Company declines all responsibility concerning the material and data of whatever nature, contained in or disseminated on these websites and concerning the processing of personal data which is performed there. In effect, the Company is only responsible for the processing of personal data performed on its own Website, as specified in the Privacy policy .


The information requested during registration to the Website are necessary and obligatory in order to access certain services proposed to the User. In particular, e-mail addresses may be used by the Company for the administration and management of the service.

The Website assures the User that it collects and processes personal data with respect for privacy, in accordance with (i) European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (the General Data Protection Regulation - "GDPR") which entered into force on 25 May 2018 and partially repeals the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data hitherto in force and (ii) (future) Belgian legislation pertaining to the implementation of the above-mentioned Regulation.

For all matters relating to the processing of the personal data of the User, the latter is referred to the Privacy policy .

Article 9: Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present Conditions of Use are entirely and exclusively subject to Belgian law.

For all disputes relating to the implementation or interpretation of these Conditions of Use, only the courts within the jurisdiction of the Company's registered office shall be competent.


For a claim, please send us the following completed forms

ANNEX 1 – Withdrawal form

Withdrawal form

ANNEX 2 – Handing over of keys

Handing over of keys form

ANNEX 3 – General conditions

ABC-ATS General terms and conditions

ANNEX 4 – Control of services at the customer's premises

Control of services at the customer's premises