The following services are explicitly prohibited:

  • Care of children or accompanying children during commuting

  • Walking of pets

  • Garden maintenance

  • Vehicle cleaning

  • The maintenance of parts of the dwelling which do not belong to the privative part but which are located in the common parts of the building or in a space devolved to the exercise of a liberal profession or an independent activity, such as common stairwells, industrial buildings, shops, medical or dental offices, office spaces, etc.

  • Transportation or assistance of people

  • Services provided to individuals who resides in a collective residence institution and where certain services are rendered, such as care services, support services and catering. Exceptions in this respect are made for the inhabitants of serviced residences or serviced apartments who can use service vouchers for authorized activities in their private area

Conflicts of interest:

Housekeepers may not be related to the client, neither be a family member of the client to the second degree, nor have the same place of residence as the client. Housekeepers are not authorised to work with:

  • Their parents, parents in law, grandparents and grandparents by marriage

  • Their children or grandchildren

  • Their brothers and sisters, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law

  • Any person, member or not of his family, with whom they cohabit at the same address

The client notifies the consultant should one of these situations occur with the proposed housekeeper.

In case of failure to do so, the contract will be terminated immediately in accordance with article n°2.

Housekeepers are not allowed to make phone calls during working hours, accept with their office consultant.


To remunerate your housekeeper, use paper or electronic service vouchers - one per hour fully executed.

1 / Individual

You can order 500 service vouchers per calendar year, the first 400 at the price of 9EUR and the last 100 at the price of 10EUR.

2 / Household

A family can order a maximum of 1000 service vouchers per calendar year (maximum 500 service vouchers per family member). A family represents all people who are registered at the same address, according to the household composition certificate of the population register. The first 800 service vouchers are at the price of 9EUR and the last 200 at a price of 10EUR.

3 / Special cases

Lone-parent families, people with disabilities, parents of a child/children with disabilities or elderly people receiving an old-age allowance can order up to 2000 service vouchers a year at a price of EUR 9. In order to benefit from these conditions, the appropriate certificates must be sent to Sodexo by email or by post.

Service vouchers purchased since March 1, 2019 are valid for 12 months. Service vouchers ordered before March 1, 2019 are still valid for 8 months. This applies to paper and electronic service vouchers.


You can receive 105 free service vouchers at the birth of your child. This help is intended to allow you to resume your professional activity after your maternity leave, while enjoying your family life. 

To benefit from maternity help you must apply to you social insurance fund and meet subsidy conditions, among which : 

• Being self-employed 

• Your newborn must be registered in the national register of the municipality in the mother’s family during the period that the subsidy has been granted. 

• Being subject to the social status for the self-employed during the two quarters preceding the quarter of the birth, your social contributions for those quarters must also be paid. 

• Remain subject to the granting of the aid and having paid the contribution for the quarter in which the delivery takes place. 

• Submit an application to your social insurance fund within the time limit (at the earliest from the 6th month of pregnancy and at the latest at the end of the 15th week following the date of delivery) 

• Give birth to one or more children 

• Resume your professional activities after your maternity leave 

For more information about these conditions, contact your social insurance fund. 

Service-vouchers granted in the context of maternity aid are tax-free : 

• They do not need to be declared as a taxable benefit • You do not receive a certificate allowing you to benefit from a tax reduction


1/ Tax reduction

When using paper or electronic service vouchers, you are granted a tax reduction.

In the Brussels area, since the first of January 2016, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 1.35EUR per service voucher for the first 156 vouchers purchased per person. Thus, a 9EUR service voucher only costs you 7.65EUR after the tax reduction.

In the Walloon Region, since the first of January 2015, you benefit from a tax reduction of 0.9EUR per service voucher for the first 150 vouchers purchased per person. A 9EUR voucher only costs you 8.10EUR after the tax reduction.

In the Flemish Region, since the first of January 2016, you benefit from a tax reduction of 2.70EUR per service voucher for the first 156 vouchers purchased per person. A 9EUR voucher only costs you 6.30EUR after the tax reduction.

Partners who are married or legally cohabiting are both entitled to a tax reduction for service vouchers they purchase on their own behalf. The maximum amounts are valid per year and per partner. Therefore, both partners must each have a user number at Sodexo.

Depending on the region, you receive in each year in March or April a tax certificate from Sodexo. Attach the certificate to your tax return to benefit from your tax reduction.

2/ Continuity

Your housekeeper will be at your disposal within the timeframe we have agreed upon.

3/ Flexibility

In case of absence of your housekeeper, we offer you, if you wish, a qualitative replacement.

4/ Insurance

You do not need to take out insurance for your housekeeper. Our housekeepers are covered in the event of an accident at work, during working hours and during their commute.

Possible damage caused by your housekeeper is covered by our liability insurance. For further information see our general terms and conditions.

The use of service vouchers saves you problems caused by "black work".


1 / I will reside within the same region:

To inform us of your change of address, you have three options:

  1. Complete the “change of address form” accessible on the Sodexo websites: Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Region, Flemish Region

  2. Edit your personal data on your Sodexo Secure Space

  3. Send an email to Sodexo mentioning:

  • Your first and last name

  • That you are a service voucher user

  • Your personal user number (12 digits)

  • Your National Registry Number (NISS), listed on the back of your ID card

  • Your email address

  • Your old address

  • Your new address

2 / I will not reside within the same region:

Send an email to the Sodexo authority responsible for the region of your new home (Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Region, Flemish Region), mentioning your reference number and attaching a certificate of your new residence and a copy of your identity card.

A Sodexo employee will send you an email as soon as your account is validated with the regional authorities, specifying the order terms and conditions. This operation can take up to 7 business days.


Two options to apply for a refund of your service vouchers:

1 / For electronic service vouchers, enter the request via your Sodexo Secure Space.

2 / For paper vouchers, fill in the “reimbursement form” or “exchange of paper vouchers” (Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Region, Flemish Region).

Please note that:

  • Refunds can only be made on an account previously used to order service vouchers

  • Service-vouches in the context of maternity aid are not refundable since they have been granted to you. They are exchangeable with Sodexo before the expiry date ; once expired no further exchange is possible.

  • The refund of your service vouchers can only be processed if their validity date is not exceeded at the time of their arrival at Sodexo:

    • Not to be confused with the date at which the certified service voucher company must introduce the service vouchers

    • If your service vouchers were purchased during the current year, Sodexo will reimburse the full value of the service vouchers minus 1EUR per service voucher for administrative costs

    • If your service vouchers were purchased during the previous year and that you have remained in the same region by the January 1 of the following year, Sodexo will refund the service vouchers at the rate of 90% of their purchase value, minus 1EUR per service voucher for administrative costs. You can benefit from a tax reduction provided you have not already exceeded the maximum amount deductible for tax purposes.


In the event of the death of a user, the family may request to block the account of the deceased and to apply for a refund of the vouchers by attaching a death certificate to the refund form or by sending it directly by post to Sodexo.

Once processed, the refund will be made to the bank account number used for the last order of vouchers unless an official document provided by a notary or a lawyer mentioning another account number is sent to Sodexo.

Also note that service vouchers can no longer be used after the date of death of the user.

Bodies for the recognition of disability

Agence pour une Vie de Qualité (AVIQ)
Tel: 071 20 57 11 of  0800 16 061
Fax: 071 20 51 02
Website: www.aviq.be/handicap

Het Vlaams Agentschap voor Personen met een Handicap (VAPH)
Tel: 02 225 84 11
Fax: 02 225 84 05
E-mail: informatie@vaph.be
Website: www.vaph.be

Le service Bruxellois - de Brusselse dienst : Phare – Personne Handicapée Autonomie Recherchée
Tel: 02 800 82 03
Fax: 02 800 81 20
E-mail: info.phare@spfb.brussels
Website: www.phare.irisnet.be

De Dienstelle für Personen mit Behinderung
Tel: 080 22 91 11
Fax: 080 22 90 98
Website: www.dpb.be


We offer the following training:

1/ Housekeepers

  • Techniques and equipment

  • Floors and surfaces

  • Maintenance products and ecological cleaning

  • Bathroom and shower room

  • Kitchen

  • Communication

  • Conflict management and prevention

  • Deontology

  • Self esteem

  • How to say no

  • Stress management


2/ Administrative employees

  • Stress management

  • Customer management

  • Time management

  • Self-confidence

  • Active listening

  • Effective communication

We are already present in the geographic areas :


Your area is not on the list ? Contact us to find a solution !