Cleaning Services in Brussels 

The cleaning services in Brussels

The cleaning services in Brussels has evolved over time and has become a recognized profession! Did you know that thanks to the "Service Vouchers " housekeepers have a professional status thanks to which their working conditions have improved. The service voucher system has also made it possible to suppress illegal work (or undeclared work). The sector has undergone a real social and legal evolution in recent years. 


All Team Services and AB Clean have been striving for many years to provide housekeeping services in Brussels, performed by trained and competent staff, and this exclusively through service vouchers.


Our company is proud to promote human values and the well-being of its employees at work. We aim for the longevity of our company and the complete satisfaction of our staff as well as our customers.


Thanks to the versatility of our employees, we have the opportunity to help you with various tasks, such as house cleaning, shopping, cooking, washing and ironing.


Organizing household help in Brussels, how does it work?


  1. Register with Sodexo: this can be done online or by filling in a paper form.
  2. Opt for electronic or paper service vouchers.
  3. Pay the total amount for the desired service vouchers to the bank account corresponding to your region.

Flanders : BE41. 0017.7246.2610

Brussels : BE28.0017.7246.3620

Wallonia : BE15. 0017.7247.4330


Electronic version versus paper version :


  • The electronic version is much faster than the paper version:

You will receive your electronic service vouchers within 24 hours of receiving your payment. The paper version is sent by post and the delivery time is approximately 5 working days from the date of receipt of your payment.


  • You don't need to do much with the electronic version:

The household help is responsible for coding the hours worked and you can validate this via the 'Titres-Services by Sodexo' mobile application (available from Google Play Store or Apple Store) or via Your 'Secure zone' on the website of your region (for Brussels: and for Flanders:


  • For the paper version, you must complete the service vouchers and hand them over to your housekeeper. For ecological reasons it is better to opt for the electronic version. This of course requires no paper and printing and definitely is the best option for the environment!


The benefits of electronic service checks are numerous:                                                                     

  • You no longer have to fill in and sign service vouchers.
  • There is no longer any risk of loss or theft of service vouchers.
  • The service vouchers are available from the day of receipt of your payment.
  • You save yourself and your housekeeper time-consuming administrative tasks.


We sincerely hope to have convinced you to switch to electronic service vouchers in order to reduce our common ecological footprint. An extra gesture for our planet!


In the case you opt for electronic vouchers, please click on the following link to inform us of your decision.

housecleaning iron

The steps you must take are simple :


  • If you have a user SODEXO, log in using your user and password - Coordonnées / Persoonsgegevens  - at the bottom of the page - Modifier les données  / De Gegevens Wijzigen – Changer de support and check  “électronique” and finish by  “enregistrer” / Veranderen van betaalmiddel   -  and check  “électronique” and finish by  “Opslaan”.


  • You no more recall your user number and password: you can easily request these via the Sodexo website.


Via the mobile app, managing your electronic service checks becomes much easier.  This App allows you too:

  • Check all the hours worked by housekeeper.
  • Confirm or dispute hours performed.
  • Track the number of available service vouchers.
  • Check the annual balance of service vouchers you are still entitled to.


Why choose All Team Services and AB Clean to get help from a housekeeper?


There is nothing more fun than going home and finding it clean again. Especially after a long day, when our only wish is to enjoy our family and friends or just take time for yourself. All Team Services and AB Clean have thought of this and offer you the possibility to organize household help in a simple and smooth way:


  • Training: all our housekeepers have been trained by us to offer high-quality services.
  • Reactivity: our waiting time is almost non-existent thanks to the large number of household helpers we employ.
  • Management of absences: in case of absence of your household help, we can arrange replacement easily and quickly. Your satisfaction is not an option, it is our motivation.
  • Quality of work: our housekeepers are carefully selected and they take their work to heart and this is evident from the first cleaning.

Take the test and contact our consultants via the web page You will find that you can no longer live without a housekeeper !